What is Project-Based Learning?

Students have told us that they want to see real-world connections to what they are learning in school. They want to do something meaningful with their new knowledge and skills. They want to follow their passions and make a positive difference in their community. We believe that project-based learning empowers them to do that.

Our faculty and students will work closely with each other and with our partners in Crosstown Concourse and beyond to ensure that lessons are being brought to life every day. Students may connect science and writing in the design of a wellness campaign for the Church Health Center. They may demonstrate how history intersects with modern life in Memphis through an art installation created in conjunction with Crosstown Arts. All of the work going on within Crosstown Concourse becomes an opportunity for students to learn and contribute.


What about electives and extracurriculars?

Two-week long elective courses will allow XTH students to deeply explore areas of particular interest. Extracurricular opportunities, such as arts, music, athletics and internships — all driven by student interest — will give students unlimited opportunities to pursue their passions.