Meet The Team: Mindy Baier, Inclusion Specialist

Ms.Baier, Inclusion Specialist

Ms. Baier is a faithful friend, a great listener, and by her own accounts, a not so great dancer! She makes up for her dancing skills by being a generous community member. Ms. Baier is passionate about her volunteer work, whether it’s at her church, or at Merge Memphis, a non-profit that addresses the needs of people in Memphis experiencing homelessness. Ms. Baier loves exploring the fabulous 901 -- when she’s not busy you might find her sipping coffee somewhere on a patio with her husband, son, and friends.

Ms. Baier's 9th Grade Photo

Ms. Baier is excited to be a member of the Crosstown High family because she is eager to see the important and unique ways in which her students will put their learning to work in the real world. She is eager to learn from those around her. “Being open to the thoughts and experiences of other people grows us personally, as well as collectively,” she says.

                                                                                                       Ms. Baier’s positive and open mindset is perfect for the Crosstown High environment. She puts a lot of value in interacting and creating relationships with people who are different than her, and she hopes to teach this to her students.

Mildred Vazquez