Meet The Team: Ms. Franklin, Counselor

                                                                                                                          Ms. Franklin, Counselor

Ms. Franklin's 9th Grade Photo

Ms. Franklin's 9th Grade Photo


Friends describe Ms. Franklin as someone who has a pure heart and a goofy personality. But don’t underestimate her, she can get serious when necessary. She spends time investing in the young people in her life by finding ways to create positive avenues for them. Outside of work she enjoys relaxing by sleeping or watching TV, and jokingly says, “if you catch me dreaming, please don’t wake me!”


Ms. Franklin is excited to be a part of a new approach to school in Memphis and believes that Crosstown High “could potentially raise the bar and improve education for urban youth.” She has an endless amount of support and passion to drive students to higher achievements which makes her an essential member of the team at Crosstown High. Ms. Franklin hopes to teach her students to not fear to fail, “for every time you failed, means there is a time you got back up and tried again.”


Mildred Vazquez