Meet The Team: Ryan Pryor, AP Human Geography Teacher

                    Ryan Pryor, AP Human Geography Teacher

Friends describe Mr. Pryor as a “cross between Elvis Presley circa 1973 and Winston Churchill circa 1943.” His wife would describe him as equally intelligent and flamboyant. He is someone who gives as much as possible to the people that he loves. This Ole Miss Rebels Fan enjoys watching college sports in his free time and also loves being outdoors walking his dog. Mr. Pryor also works with 25 wonderful horses that his mother-in-law raised from birth.

Mr. Pryor's 9th Grade Photo

Mr. Pryor believes that Crosstown High provides an opportunity to revolutionize education in Memphis. He is proud of the Crosstown High team, saying, “The people involved in this project give me great hope for the future and I’m proud to be a part of something so progressive.” He is a lifelong teacher and hopes to pass on his love for knowledge and life to those around him. His piece of advice to students and classroom motto is, “Be good, be kind, and fight ignorance everyday.”


Mildred Vazquez