Meet The Team: Nikki Wallace, Biology Teacher

Nikki Wallace, Biology Teacher

Mrs. Wallace is described as a caring, and hardworking person but aside from that, she is also a “Tenacious Science Nerd.” Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones, watching a good movie or catching up on the news. You might even find her gardening on a nice day off. She has recently learned about buying and selling stocks on Robinhood and likes to share her new knowledge with friends.


Mrs. Wallace's 9th Grade Photo

Mrs. Wallace's 9th Grade Photo

Mrs. Wallace likes to spread knowledge to others which is why she is happy to be at Crosstown High. She is a great lover of science and wants all students to enjoy it as well. She is excited to bring real research opportunities to high school students. Mrs. Wallace looks forward to a challenging and rewarding year helping young people develop their passions. “Never give up,” she tells her students, “and always look for solutions.”

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