Meet The Team: Ethan Ferguson, Digital Learning Specialist

Ethan Ferguson, Digital Learning Specialist

At Crosstown High, we believe that our students can and should learn from whoever the experts are, no matter their age. And that’s why we are thrilled that Ethan Ferguson is on our team, as an instructor of augmented and virtual reality technologies. He originally joined us as a dedicated member of our XQ Super School Contest team in the fall of 2015 when he was a sophomore at Lausanne Collegiate School, making him both the youngest and one of the longest-serving members of the Crosstown High team. “I apologize for my age,” jokes the Lausanne grad and incoming Rhodes College freshman. “I promise to be older in the future.”

Ethan’s youth hasn’t stopped him from contributing to his community, though. He’s someone who is extremely dedicated and passionate about any work or project that he spends his time on, including local efforts like the Refugee Empowerment Program, Facing History and Ourselves, and BRIDGES Memphis. A fun fact about Ethan is that he is a dual citizen of Poland and the United States. He once worked with the Polish societies in Memphis to coordinate a lunch with a former Polish ambassador during MLK weekend.

Ethan in the 9th Grade

Ethan has a passion and pride for anything related to technology. As he continues to develop his own skills by studying computer science at Rhodes, Ethan is eager to share his love for technology and learning with the incoming students at Crosstown High.

His advice to students at CXH? “Always, as with everything in life, organize the render order of your parallax occlusion mapping to prevent GPU throttling.” And if you didn’t understand what that means, you’ll have to take one of his classes! 




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