Meet The Team: Sam Thompson, Athletic Director & P.E. Teacher

Sam Thompson, Athletic Director & Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Thompson is hardworking and dedicated to anything he puts his mind to. He has gone on the same mission trip to the Appalachia for the past 14 years, where his team repairs homes for families in need. Though he is proud to serve other families, he also has a family of his own he loves to spend time with -- wife, Olivia, and son, Andrew. Mr. Thompson also manages to make time for his hobbies, such as golf, woodworking, and fitness.

Mr. Thompson in 9th grade

As the Athletic Director, he is eager to help students grow through sports and through everyday classroom interactions. Mr. Thompson is ready to be a part of a movement that will transform the education system that has been in place for decades. He is excited to see the students at Crosstown High explore, create, innovate and take ownership of their own learning.           He  truly believes that the students at Crosstown High have the ability to pave the way for future students and schools. He wants every student to feel a part of the Crosstown family and to be seen as the unique individual they are -- not just as grades or test scores.

“My advice would be to show people that you genuinely care about them in all interactions,” says Mr. Thompson. “Mastering our listening skills, gaining perspective, and showing compassion can go a long way.”


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