A Study of Human Migration

Our Humanities classes are currently exploring the topics of human migration, culture and language, and we hope to bring humanize these issues through interaction with immigrants, refugees, and others who touch that community. After we spend time preparing our students to conduct empathy interviews, we are hoping to bring in a number of folks who are willing to be interviewed (either in person or via video conference) by our teachers and students.

November 6 - Interviews with seasoned storytellers: In each of our Humanities classes, our teachers will lead full-class interviews and conversations with people who are themselves immigrants or refugees, or have been working to support this community in some way. In either case, our hope is that these participants are fairly comfortable telling their story and interacting with an audience. If you support this community professionally and can come and bring someone who you have worked with personally, that would be ideal. Please sign up for a time here.

November 7 - Interviews with all storytellers: On this day, smaller groups of students will spend time getting to know people who are part of the immigrant/refugee community in some way. Our hope is that our students will not only be able to learn from the unique experiences of their conversation partners, but also find commonalities. We welcome as many voices as possible to this conversation, from a variety of perspectives. Please sign up for a time here. 

If you know of anyone who may be able to participate in these conversations or help us find people who can, we invite you to share this invitation with them. Our commitment is to approach this work with as much respect, curiosity, and sensitivity as we can, recognizing that the more we learn from those impacted by this issue, the better we can do that going forward. 

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Ginger Spickler