Help Wanted: Visionary Leaders

Meg Crosby, Chair of Search Committee, Crosstown High Board of Directors:

“After receiving approval from Shelby County Schools recently to open Crosstown High (XTH), our team is now moving ahead full-steam to develop a truly unique high school to serve the Memphis community. While we had originally hoped to open XTH in the fall of 2017, we have since revised our timetable and will now open with a class of approximately 125 9th graders in August 2018. This extra year will allow us time to recruit outstanding leaders and teachers, continue to learn from successful, innovative high schools throughout the country, finish designing and building a 21st-century learning space, establish meaningful partnerships with businesses and nonprofits inside and outside Crosstown Concourse, and continue to solicit the input of community members to ensure that XTH is the school that our students need.

“Our first order of business is to build the team of education professionals who will bring our vision for Crosstown High to life. To that end, we are conducting a nationwide search for our founding Executive Director and Principal. We are looking for bold individuals who believe that new approaches to teaching, learning, and community building are not only possible — they are essential. Crosstown Concourse offers us a once-in-lifetime opportunity to design such a school, and we are searching for leaders who are dreamers, doers, and collaborators. They must be ready to explore what’s working best in today’s high schools, both locally and nationally, and bring those ideas back to Crosstown High so that they may be further improved and implemented.

Please take a look at the job descriptions for our Founding Executive Director and Principal. We ask for our community’s help in spreading the word about these unique leadership opportunities.


“We are also encouraged by the response we have already received from teachers who are interested in learning more about working at Crosstown High. While we are not yet hiring for teaching positions, we will have many opportunities over the coming year for educators to learn more about our model. Interested individuals should add their names to our database of educators.

“Again, we extend our deepest thanks to those who have supported our vision so far, particularly our partners at Crosstown Concourse and throughout the Crosstown community, the Shelby County Schools Board of Commissioners and Superintendent Hopson, and everyone who shares our dream of building something unique and incredible for city’s youth.”

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