Time For a Change

We are celebrating making it to the final round of the XQ Super School Project with the Twelve Days of XTH! Each day we’ll release portions of our XQ application so you can learn more about the vision for Crosstown High. 

How will you use time as an asset to enable rigorous student learning? How will you organize the school day and calendar?

At Crosstown High, we believe we can’t transform school until we transform the way we think about time and its relationship to learning. Consequently, we will establish a highly personalized learning environment for our students, flexible periods of the school day for self-directed and team-based work, and significant amounts of time for students to spend outside our walls and embedded in real-life work and collaboration.

XTH will provide 190 days of instruction during the regular school year, 10 more than traditional public schools. Our school will open early for breakfast, though learning time will begin later than other local high schools to sync with adolescents’ natural sleep rhythms. Some students may choose to take advantage of the Church Health Center’s fitness center inside the Concourse before jumping into their full day. Our school day will be longer than that of the typical public school to give our students more individualized support and guidance – academically, socially, and emotionally.

Photo: Joanna Zhang

Photo: Joanna Zhang

Four mornings per week, students will either participate in our All-School Community Meeting or Advisory. Students will then go to a Humanities or Math/Science block. Teams of teachers will co-teach for the entire 110-minute block or separate students out into specific subject areas for smaller portions. Our physical environment will be highly adaptable and reconfigurable so that our teachers and learners can create the environment they need for any given moment.

One daily learning block will consist of Personalized Learning Time, which will be supervised by instructors or tutors. At the end of the day, everyone will go to Advisory. The advisor’s goals will be to a) make a deep, personal connection with the student and family, b) be the main point of contact for the student and family throughout their time at the school, and c) ensure that the student stays on a college-ready trajectory.

Our students will also participate in in-depth, elective “ConCourses,” which will be run in collaboration with Concourse partners, community organizations, and local businesses. Students — and other Crosstown Concourse community members — will have the opportunity to explore an area of passion and gain real world experience, often with experts in the field.

Note: Some XQ application elements have been lightly edited for clarity or brevity.

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