How Will They Learn?

We are celebrating making it to the final round of the XQ Super School Project with the Twelve Days of XTH! Each day we’ll release portions of our XQ application so you can learn more about the vision for Crosstown High. 

XQ Application Question: How will you enable and demonstrate student-centered, standards-based learning at your school?

Through the implementation of two unique features, XTH can begin to replace the separation and scarcity experienced by many of our students with meaningful opportunities to discover and contribute. Christian Brothers University is already committed as a vital partner in developing this innovative learning environment.


The Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) is at the core of a student’s learning process. Intentional conversations between students and advisors not only build crucial relationships, but are themselves learning experiences that help students identify abilities, aspirations, and challenges. Students will develop the capacity to set goals, build teams, manage projects, and collaborate. The ultimate goal of the PLP is for each student to take ownership of his or her learning.

At Crosstown, a teacher’s most vital role is as a PLP advisor. She provides support by interpreting and developing strategies for meeting Tennessee Academic Standards within the scope of students’ PLPs. Advisors will use technology-based resources like a tracking dashboard with benchmarks, rubrics, and links to online learning resources.

Photo: Joanna Zhang

Photo: Joanna Zhang


Mixed-age and ability teams of students, plus an advisor, will embark on critical-thinking projects to understand specific challenges in their communities and develop actionable solutions. Team members move toward skill mastery in core subjects, while also exploring the history, science, math, technology, and design elements that will shape their projects. Advisors, other students, and the community become valuable resources to promote the idea that everyone learns from everyone at Crosstown. Team projects are assessed through presentations to other members of the Crosstown Concourse community, student-driven community events, and installations at local studios.

A sampling of the attachments to our XQ application:

Getting Personal - Crosstown High School This video was part of the application for XQ School Competition. Music is Licensed by The Music Bed.

A Day in the Life – Follow Alisha through her day at XTH

Note: Some XQ application elements have been lightly edited for clarity or brevity.

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