Better Together

We are celebrating making it to the final round of the XQ Super School Project with the Twelve Days of XTH! Each day we’ll release portions of our XQ application so you can learn more about the vision for Crosstown High. 

XQ application question: What partners will be part of the ongoing work of the school? Explain how partners will work together to design and plan the school, and how your partnership will support student learning, engagement, development, and connection to post-secondary success.

Artist’s rendering of the Crosstown Art Gallery — one of the many spaces where Crosstown High students will learn.

Artist’s rendering of the Crosstown Art Gallery — one of the many spaces where Crosstown High students will learn.

Many schools that apply for the XQ Challenge will have incredible partners. Few, though, will quite literally be surrounded by them. On the floors above and below Crosstown High, professionals in health and wellness, arts, education, technology, philanthropy and civic engagement will be immersed in challenging work at Crosstown Concourse. Christian Brothers University, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, and the world-renowned St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will each have a significant presence in this vertical urban village.

More striking than the proximity of these high-quality partners is their dedication to our students. From the beginning, youth have been a key part of the vision for this historic structure’s remarkable renaissance. The Church Health Center has designed its fitness center and pool to be shared with the school. The artists-in-residence at Crosstown Arts, a multidisciplinary contemporary art center, were selected partly for their willingness to mentor students.

All of these partners are interested in the growth of the entire family, based on our shared belief that a child’s well being is impacted beyond the school walls. Healthcare, cooking classes, learning gardens, art shows, and tech education are just a few areas in which these partners can engage the family.

Beyond the walls of Crosstown Concourse, local youth development organizations such as BRIDGES and Facing History and Ourselves have committed to help develop our curriculum and culture. Both groups have deep experience helping Memphis youth find and use their voice to promote understanding of differences and create change in their schools, communities and world.

One of the attachments to our XQ application:

Better Together – The XTH team and some of our partners get a sneak peek of the site where we will build our school together.

Note: Some XQ application elements have been lightly edited for clarity or brevity.

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