The Crosstown High Manifesto

We are celebrating making it to the final round of the XQ Super School Project with the Twelve Days of XTH! Each day we’ll release portions of our XQ application so you can learn more about the vision for Crosstown High. 

After completing the “Discover” phase of the XQ application, it was time to take all we’d learned and move into the “Design” phase — creating a plan for a school that would be a direct response to all that we’d heard from our community. What you read below will likely not be the final version of the mission, purpose and values of Crosstown High, but we believe it’s a strong foundation on which to build. And make sure you don’t miss the Crosstown High Manifesto at the end — it’s a truly inspirational read. It was created by WONDER, By Design — one of our partners working to make Crosstown High an amazing reality.

Photo: Joanna Zhang

Photo: Joanna Zhang

Crosstown High School’s MISSION:

To be an adaptive community of youth and adults that never stops learning.

Crosstown High School’s PURPOSE:

To prepare students to understand and pursue solutions to the challenges faced by our city and world, and to give students the confidence to be agents of positive change now and in the future.

Crosstown High School’s VALUES:

We value CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVITY, and COLLABORATION, and we are empowered to lead as we learn.

We value INTERSECTIONS and UNEXPECTED CONNECTIONS and will learn from PURPOSEFUL EXPERIENCES in Crosstown Concourse and beyond. We seek to understand and impact the challenges, assets and opportunities in our communities.

We value ALL VOICES. We will create a culture of respect for our differences that will enable us to learn with and from each other with the goal of enriching our experience, our education, and our community. We know that we are better together.

We value a SAFE AND NURTURING ENVIRONMENT where we can learn from our failures and discover our passions and purposes.

We value WELLNESS — physical, emotional, relational — and will challenge and support one another as we seek it for ourselves and our communities.

We value LIFELONG DISCOVERY and will develop the skills to innovate and adapt.

A sampling of the attachments to our XQ application:

The Crosstown High Manifesto: Our school’s design drivers

We Never Stop Learning – Is CXH a good fit for you? Here’s what to expect!

Note: Some XQ application elements have been lightly edited for clarity or brevity.

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