XQ Super School Project Winners Announced

From Justin Jamerson, member of the Crosstown High Board of Directors and participant in the Memphis XQ Super Schools Challenge:

Today it was announced that Crosstown High’s application for the XQ Super School Project was not selected as one of the ten grand prize winners in the competition. While we are obviously disappointed at the news, we are still very grateful to the XQ Institute for the opportunity this process has given us. Out of almost 700 initial applicants, we are extremely proud to have made it to the final fifty teams.  We remain excited about the content of our application and are hard at work on making it a reality for our inaugural class of 9th graders in 2018. The months of hard work by dozens of students, parents, teachers, and community members on our XQ team have created a terrific foundation on which we will continue to build.

We are especially grateful for the partnership of Crosstown Concourse’s leaders and their tenants throughout this process. There is no better home for this school than Crosstown Concourse. We are eager to see what happens when high school students are able to put their education into practice by working on real-world challenges with some of the most innovative businesses and nonprofits in our city.

Crosstown High will be a new type of school unique to Memphis.  It will be a place where young people are empowered and encouraged to learn in an environment that is collaborative, conscientious, and supported. There are many great schools in Memphis, but the vision of the Crosstown High XQ team was to bring a unique learning environment to the city. Through the XQ Super School Project, the school has been designed as nothing less than a model for the future of education. We hope that our investment will pay dividends not only for our own students at Crosstown High, but for the entire Memphis region.

Thank you to all who gave their ideas to help us reach the finals of this contest. We will continue to rely on our community for input as the school’s development continues. Please join our mailing list at www.crosstownhigh.org to be notified of opportunities to learn more and contribute to the creation of Crosstown High. We cannot do it without you.

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