Who's Behind Crosstown High?

The school’s vision has come from a large and diverse team of local parents, students, educators, and other stakeholders. They continue to be involved as key contributors in the ongoing development of the school.

The details of the school are still coming together and over the course of the next year, as the school prepares to open, this team, the Board of Directors, and others will continue to gather ideas from the community about the shape and direction of our school. Crosstown High will be what we make it together.

Crosstown High, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been approved by Shelby County Schools to operate a high school at Crosstown Concourse. The board of Crosstown High, Inc. consists of the following people:

  • Meg Crosby is principal at PeopleCap Advisors and a parent.
  • Jane Hankins is a physician researcher at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and a parent.
  • Justin Jamerson is a business development consultant for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.
  • Charles McKinney is an associate professor and director of the Africana Studies Program at Rhodes College and a parent.
  • Michelle McKissack is a freelance media consultant and a parent.
  • Gary Shorb is chief executive officer of Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare.
  • John Smarrelli is president of Christian Brothers University and chair of the CHS board.
  • Monica Wharton is chief legal officer and general counsel for Regional One Health and a parent.

We have recently hired an outstanding Executive Director, who will help hire the rest of our faculty and staff.