Finding Crosstown High

1365 Tower Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

The main entrance to the High School is off Tower Avenue, a small road that runs long the north side of the Crosstown Concourse building. There is  a small parking lot - about 20 spaces - that is generally empty after business hours. It can be accessed from the stoplight at N. Cleveland/N. Watkins and N. Parkway.

The double door at the top of the short stairs is for the High School. Ring the doorbell for entrance.

Parking garage: Free parking is available in the Concourse parking garage on the south side of the building. From the garage, enter Concourse through the Central Atrium, and walk to the East Atrium. Look for the Crosstown High sign under the red spiral staircase. We are located at the end of the hall between Farm Burger and the Sun Trust ATMs.