We are excited to begin accepting applications for Crosstown High’s founding class of 9th graders for the 2018-2019 school year.

We will add a grade each of the following years, growing eventually to a 9th-12th grade school.

In our location at Crosstown Concourse, we are at the center of a diverse range of neighborhoods which, together, reflect the unique diversity of Memphis as a whole. Crosstown High is committed to being a “diverse by design” school, which means that we will work to ensure that our application pool reflects the diversity of our surrounding communities.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply to Crosstown High?

Application to Crosstown High is open to current 8th grade students. We are unable to accept applications from students who are already in high school, as we are starting with only 9th grade.


When can I apply?

We will open our online application process on September 15, 2017, and it will stay open until at least December 15, 2017. Admission is not first-come, first-served. We encourage families to attend one of our upcoming events to learn more about the school before applying. Because we intend to be a diverse by design school, we will keep our application process open long enough to ensure a diverse pool of applicants, which means the application period may be extended past December 15. Anyone who needs assistance in completing the online application is welcome to call us at (901) 401-5500.


What do I need to apply?

The application will ask for basic information that you should have readily available. There is no need to submit transcripts, test scores, etc. The 50-100 word essay that we ask for is for our information only -- it will not be used as a selection criteria.


How will applicants be selected for enrollment?

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available (125), then we will conduct a lottery within seven days of closing the application process, and applicants will be notified of their status immediately thereafter.