Do you want to create a school that will help to empower a city and contribute to the national conversation about the future of education? Read on.

The Crosstown Vision

In the spring of 2017, one of Memphis’ most historic and iconic structures – an abandoned Sears, Roebuck & Co. distribution warehouse – will reopen as Crosstown Concourse, a vibrant, “vertical urban village” that houses organizations focused on healthcare, wellness, education, the arts, technology, and economic development. Retail, restaurants, and residential apartments will also be part of the $200 million, 1.1 million square-foot redevelopment.

A key component of this ambitious project will be Crosstown High (XTH), a public school opening in August 2018 that aims to leverage the unique ecosystem of Crosstown Concourse to provide an exciting new option for a uniquely diverse group of students and educators who want to learn together through highly personalized courses of study, hands-on work in their city, and rich relationships with one another and the greater Crosstown community. Learn more about the vision for Crosstown High.

Help Wanted

We are looking for a Founding Principal.

This leader will be asked to help take on the enormous task of building XTH, with its ambitious vision of providing personalized, hands-on learning to a highly diverse student body at Crosstown High. Learn more about the vision for Crosstown High in this series of blog posts.

Know of someone we should reach out to about this role? Please send this page to them directly or fill out this Principal Referral Form so we can contact them (perfect for that person we’ll need to woo away from their current amazing job). We’re not hiring for other positions yet, but if you’re interested in hearing when we are, please fill out this XTH Team Interest Form.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
-R. Buckminster Fuller